Freezer Hinged Door STNTP100 Incl. Sweeper Gasket

Freezer Hinged Door STNTP100 Incl. Sweeper Gasket

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Freezer hinged door with sweeper gasket for Walk-in freezers with temp. up to -40oC.

  • Door blade of 100mm thickness & thermo break PVC frame to prevent heat bridges.
  • High density polystyrene foam, coated with solid PVC of 1.5mm.

This product is referred as an Ex-work product. For further information click here.


Freezer Hinged Door with sweeper gasket, engineered for optimal functionality and durability in cold room environments. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this door is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and mechanical stresses.

Constructed with a core of high-density CFC-free polystyrene foam insulation, encased in a solid PVC coating of 1.5mm thickness in color RAL 9002, this door ensures maximum resistance to mechanical pressures while maintaining thermal integrity.

Advanced Hinges – Optimal Performance and Anti-Theft Design

Designed for cold room operations with temperatures as low as -40°C, our Standard Series Hinged Door features hinges equipped with ramps for symmetrical and tamper-proof installation. These hinges offer vertical and horizontal adjustments, catering to various installation requirements. Additionally, their special anti-theft design enhances security while preventing premature wear of the sweeper gasket. The inclusion of a built-in retention spring facilitates effortless door closure, minimizing user effort.

Durable PVC Door Frame with Enhanced Safety Features

The Thermal Break PVC door frame, measuring 110mm in width and 45mm in depth, provides exceptional resistance to impacts, ensuring longevity and reliability in demanding environments. Furthermore, the door comes equipped with an emergency unlocking device for added safety.

For enhanced functionality, the STNT series features frame heating in both the door frame and threshold, ensuring optimal performance even in extreme conditions.

Each unit is packaged with mounting materials and comprehensive instructions for hassle-free installation. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures that our products deliver high performance and safety standards consistently.

Experience unmatched quality and reliability with our Freezer Hinged Door—an indispensable solution for cold room environments. For further details, please refer to our Ex-work product information.

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Additional information

Door Blade thickness

100 mm

Operating Temperature

Up to -40°C


RAL 9002 (standard color/ available in inox and any color of your choice from the RAL palette with extra charge)

Perimetral gasket

Double extrusion (Soft at the curve and hard at the base) tubular EPDM gasket for better sealing

Sweeper Gasket

Thermally insensitive made of PVC


Special anti-theft design.Composite materials hinges with ramp, symmetrical, invisible and tamperproof fixing screws, for positive/negative temp & vertical/horizontal adjustment

Door Frame

Thermal break PVC door frame with 110mm width and 45mm depth. High resistance to impacts.


High quality composite materials fastener with invisible and tamperproof crossing screws. Soft and quite operation and easy opening., Large and easy inside door push release reflective at the dark button. Adjustable striking plate. Hygienic: No visible screw


30 watt / meter heaters inside the perimetral gaskets and inside the special treshold with the heater passage to be fit into the floor

Thickness of panel/brick wall

80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200mm

Country of origin

Made in Greece

Estimating Time of Construction

4 days


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