Fridge Hinged Door with Rail Passage HDPTPM 80 Incl. Plinth Block

Fridge Hinged Door with Rail Passage HDPTPM 80 Incl. Plinth Block

Cold room hinged door with lintel for transporting meat.

The provided dimensions pertain solely to the clear door opening and do not encompass the dimensions of the rail passage compartment. Should you require non-standard dimensions, please specify the custom dimensions of the rail passage compartment during the checkout process by entering them in the “remarks” field.

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Fridge Hinged Door with Rail Passage HDPTPM 80, complete with an inclusive Plinth Block for added convenience. Designed as part of our Heavy Duty series, this door facilitates seamless transportation of meat with its standard dimensions of 28cm width and 64cm height. The rail passage, enclosed by a PVC flexible cover, ensures secure transit.

Durable PVC Door Frame with Enhanced Safety Features

Crafted with durability in mind, our Heavy Duty/Thermo Break PVC frame boasts dimensions of 130mm width, 45mm depth, and a sturdy 4.5mm thickness, providing exceptional resistance against impacts. Standard features include a counter frame (unless otherwise specified), measuring 86mm wide and 5.5mm thick.

Compatible with chiller cold rooms, this door is compatible with door blades ranging from 80mm to 100mm in thickness. Further customization options include the choice between a sweeper gasket or plinth block. The maximum available dimensions for the fridge hinged door with rail passage stand at 1500x2050mm, catering to various spatial requirements.

Suitable for cold room panels ranging from 60mm to 200mm in thickness, our product offers versatility to accommodate diverse setups. Each package includes essential mounting materials and detailed instructions for straightforward installation.

At Theoprofil, we are committed to continual product development and service enhancement to uphold standards of performance and safety.

This product is referred as an Ex-work product. For further information click here.

Additional information

Door Blade thickness

80 mm

Operating Temperature

Up to 0°C


RAL 9002

Perimetral gasket

Double extrusion (Soft at the curve and hard at the base) tubular EPDM gasket for better sealing

Sweeper Gasket

Hard EPDM gasket for better durability


Special anti-theft design.Composite materials hinges with ramp, symmetrical, invisible and tamperproof fixing screws, for positive/negative temp & vertical/horizontal adjustment, With special anti-theft design.They also have a tempered spring

Door Frame

Modular door frame concept with top shockproof rigidity and thermal break(PVC)., The useful inspection window allows inserting and/or replacing the electrical resistance required for a correct door opening operation


High quality composite materials fastener with invisible and tamperproof crossing screws. Soft and quite operation and easy opening., Large and easy inside door push release reflective at the dark button. Adjustable striking plate. Hygienic: No visible screw

Thickness of panel/brick wall


Rail passage compartment

Sealing with PVC strip curtain. With your chosen dimensions.

Rail passage Dimensions

Width 28cm – Height 64cm

Country of origin

Made in Greece




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