Freezer Strip Curtain – ready for installation

Freezer Strip Curtain – ready for installation

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Our Freezer Strip Curtain, equipped with or without striking red stripes, clearly defines door boundaries for forklift and pallet jack operators, enhancing workplace safety. Crafted with durable ABS or stainless steel guides and PVC strips, it withstands temperatures down to -35°C, ensuring reliable performance in cold environments.

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Freezer Strip Curtain – ready for installation, designed to enhance workplace safety with or without striking red stripes delineating the door’s boundaries. Crafted with precision, these curtains serve as a visual guide for forklift and pallet jack operators, ensuring swift and accurate navigation around refrigeration units.

Constructed with durable materials, our curtains feature a robust ABS or stainless steel guide rail paired with PVC strips measuring 200mm in width. With an overlapping design of approximately 40%, they offer optimal insulation while maintaining flexibility even in frigid temperatures as low as -35°C.

Enhance safety and streamline operations in your facility with our Refrigerator Door Safety Curtain, where efficiency meets reliability.

Additional information


Clear, Red


300mm x 2mm

Strip Curtain Rail


Door Dimensions (W x H)

700 x 1800, 800 x 1800, 800 x 1900, 900 x 1900, 900 x 2000, 1000 x 2000, 1000 x 2200, 1200 x 2000, 1200 x 2200, 1400 x 2200, 1600 x 2400, 1600 x 2500, 1800 x 2500, 2000 x 2500, 2200 x 2600, 2400 x 2800, 2500 x 2900

Operating Temperature

Up to -35°C

Country of origin

Made in Germany

Estimating Time of Construction

1 day




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