Double-insulating swinging door with Rail Passage – Inc. PVC Door Frame

Double-insulating swinging door with Rail Passage – Inc. PVC Door Frame

Double Insulating Swinging Door with rail passage and PVC door frame.

The provided dimensions refer solely to the clear door opening and do not encompass the dimensions of the rail passage compartment. If you require a non-standard dimensions model, please specify the custom dimensions of the rail passage compartment during the checkout process by entering them in the “remarks” field.

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Double-insulating swinging door with Rail Passage – Inc. PVC Door Frame is designed for service door applications, offering functionality without hermetic or thermal sealing capabilities. Suitable for installation on panel or brick walls, this product comprises three key components:

  • Anodized aluminum frame featuring an invisible fastening system.
  • A 40mm door panel constructed from prevarnished sheet metal with a white RAL 9010 finish, filled with high-density polyurethane foam for insulation. The hardware includes two plastic hinges with return springs, a 90° doorstop, and crushproof gaskets on vertical edges. Additionally, a transparent polycarbonate window with round edge gaskets is provided.
  • An anodized aluminum counterframe with an invisible fastening system (not included for brick wall installations).

The maximum available dimensions for this product are 3000x4000mm. Each package includes mounting materials and detailed installation instructions. Custom sizes are available upon request; please contact us for further information.

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Additional information

Door Blade thickness

40 mm

Thickness of panel/brick wall

80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200mm

Door Dimensions (W x H)

1200 x 2000, 1200 x 2100, 1200 x 2200, 1400 x 2000, 1400 x 2100, 1400 x 2200, 1500 x 2000, 1500 x 2200, 1600 x 2000, 1600 x 2200

Rail passage compartment

Sealing with PVC strip curtain. With your chosen dimensions.

Rail passage Dimensions

Width 28cm – Height 64cm


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