Composite double action spring hinges for swing doors

Composite double action spring hinges for swing doors

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Composite double action spring hinges with opening angle 180°, max door thickness of 40mm and max door weight of 30kg. Includes screws to stabilize on a door leaf.

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Composite Double Action Spring Hinge for Swing Doors

Double Action Spring Hinges for Swing Doors – Compact yet robust hinge, used for doors. It allows the door flaps to rotate freely in both aperture directions around the vertical axis, allowing the swing handle to rotate by a total of 180 °

It is a hinge used in communication wards between wards, very common in wards where there are frequent accesses by staff, such as processing and food processing chambers.

  • Door opening angle: 180°
  • Max door thickness: 40 mm
  • Max door weight (per couple): kg 30

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Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg


Country of origin

Made in Italy


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