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On purchasing Doors which knowledge should i gain?2015-08-25T10:58:14+03:00

Hinged door with flap gates?

– The certain dimensions of room .

– The rotate of door flop-gates.

-Door step -with out door step

-Degree of it (+), (-)

– The tickness of pannels or walls.

Sliding door

– The certain dimensions of room .

-Rotation of door .

-The certain dimensions of room area to where the door opens

-the certain dimensions of room area of inner side.

-The certain dimensions between room surface and cap.

– Degree of it (+), (-)

– The tickness of pannels or walls.

On the hinged doors which will applied on it ;

-The dimensions of hinged doors

-The opening rotation of hinged doors

Can we find the door accesories when we want?2015-08-25T10:55:59+03:00

If there are requirements of doors and any accessories of them you can find them in our e-shop.

How we can mount the theoprofil’s Doors?2015-09-01T09:30:39+03:00

Our experience and the door models manufactured by us showed that every place is different to each other for mounting. Theoprofl claims that his doors can mounted to anywhere .

What are the dimensions of areas for mounting?2015-08-25T10:51:04+03:00

Please let us know what is the dimensions of mounting areas.

How the opening rotates of doors are determined?2015-09-01T09:39:43+03:00

The first thing to determine to which rotate the door will open. This is for product -trans.

**the hinge is where, the door will open to there.

-The door opens to outside and locks from out. for preventing emergency situations we use phosohorous inner arms.

– Only there is difference on 2 leaves sliding doors. The door which is manufactured only by us one leave opens to right and other one opens to left.

In which situations the heater is used?2015-08-25T10:49:27+03:00
  • For preventing the freezing of door gaskets.
  • For a better working of your doors.

* But the most important item about that topic ; the heater should be bound directly to city electric for less costs.

What is the meaning of cold room with / Without Door Step?2015-08-25T10:48:02+03:00

The cold room without door step is; if there is a equivalence between out corridor and room’s inner height , we apply frames to theree edges of rooms( right-left-up). so this is the door withour door step.

-The trans palette – system and drift will easier on the door-steps.

– The door gaskets are on the left side – up side – right side and under the door there is mopboard gaskets. The higher of our units that the lower of inner units. So the door with door-step is prefered.

Is there and Door that manufactured without standard dimensions?2015-08-25T10:46:23+03:00

The cold rooms are manufactured generally with standart dimensions. so this prevents high mold costs and labor cost. Thus provides more economical prices. If you want he doors with different dimensions we can provide also.

Essential and Efficient requirements for Refrigation business and stored products2019-03-14T14:05:37+02:00
  • Located place of business from production and consumption areas
  • Suitable of infrastructure facilities.
  • Preserved & Storaged Buildings environmental condition
  • Strategic location of Manufacturing Buildings
  • Construction technique
  • Insulation
  • Size of Cold storage room


In relation to the manufacturing structure of the business:

  • Settlement states of cooling machines part and cold rooms
  • The suitability of the width of the corridors, product, transporting and unloading compliance
  • Single or multiple storey of storages
  • Utilization of product transportation machinery and equipment.
  • Capacity,number and efficiency of refrigation machine and other equipments.
  • Feature’s of the cooling system.
The Projection of Cooling Storage Room2019-03-14T14:05:40+02:00

Capacity: The capacity of cold storage room effects the supply of raw materials, economic circumstance,  area of applicability, market size all of this section taking into account shape demand and suitable.

Method: Cooling agent should be chose taking into account of compressor & construction, condenser, storaged product, storaged condition,facility capacity and located specification.

What is the cold Storage Method?2015-08-25T10:39:35+03:00

These are divided four different type:

Precooling: It aims Before the long-duration cooling storaged products temperature reducing.

Cold-storage: That storaged the products upper temperature of the freezing point.

Deep-Freezing: Compare the cooling system type with Cold-storage that get to chance more long-duration preserved to us.

Freeze Drying: The products firstly frozen and then they take a room which is evacuated.In this room humidification absorb sort of machine as required or completely.

Food of Animal origin and Seafood2019-03-14T14:05:42+02:00

Generally this sort of foods from production to consumption must preserved by cooling storaged room.

Meats: Animals which are alive their immune system fight bacterias,viruses and which is habitable for animal but after the butchering all of bacterias,viruses find a new life area and they immediately transport to human and where is available situation for them.As you know under effect of cooling they are being inactive hence cooling room is vital important to protect the healthy meat.

To protection to meat heat range must be 0, -1,7 centigrade degree and also cooling storaged room include %90-95 humidity.

Milk and derivates: Cheese can be stored for 5-6 months under condition of 0-5 centigrade degree. Butter can be stored for 5-6 months under condition of 4-10 centigrade degree before the cooling storage room it should exposed the freeze.

To protect eggs heat range must be -2,5 -1,7 centigrade degree and also cooling storaged room include %80-95 humidity.

Seafood: Generally 5-20 days ,Under the -5 centigrade degree and % 90-95 humidity condition can be stored.Seafood products must cooling after the hunting.

Herbal Products2015-08-25T10:36:55+03:00

The most preserved products in the cold storaged room are apples.General herbal products cold room storaged type show similarity. These are;

Harvest: Storaged products must be matured but at the same not be matured for eating

Harvest type: Two points should be noted:

  • The herbals berry without any damage.
  • Harvest must be economic.

Packing: To put paper bottom of box;near sides and top of box must be free therefore air can circulate inside boxes should make circulation that reason take the fresh air.

What is Cold Storage Room?2019-03-14T14:05:44+02:00

Today, at least one third of the humanity is starving and couldn’t get sufficient nutrients. Unfortunately, again, at least one third of the nutrients are decaying until arrival to the humanity. To imagine it what it’s going to be happen if we preserve our nutrients until they decay maybe all of humanity should not live again starving.


From producing to consumption; fresh vegetables,fruits, foods of animal origin and various perishable nutrients must preserved by cooling system. We could determine the importance with cooling type and cold storage room below.

The main reason are do not respond our demand about nutrients within required time and amount:

  • Cold weather condition is limited.
  • Preservation techniques has not been known
  • Various defects of the cold storage
  • Prior to consumption losses for perishable foods
  • Various region’s differently production volume
  • Transporting problem from produced to non-productive region

Understanding of the this problems can reduce also overcome between cooling system manufacturer and consumer. Respect to the this kind of problems should be handled via various preservation methods on this way consumer gets a chance for fresh nutritions also nutrients keep their quality and sustenances as that problems exist artificial economy the price is increasing if we respect and try to prevent that’s defect will be removed in addition to we take control of this faulty we raise our export percent.


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