Today, at least one third of the humanity is starving and couldn’t get sufficient nutrients. Unfortunately, again, at least one third of the nutrients are decaying until arrival to the humanity. To imagine it what it’s going to be happen if we preserve our nutrients until they decay maybe all of humanity should not live again starving.


From producing to consumption; fresh vegetables,fruits, foods of animal origin and various perishable nutrients must preserved by cooling system. We could determine the importance with cooling type and cold storage room below.

The main reason are do not respond our demand about nutrients within required time and amount:

  • Cold weather condition is limited.
  • Preservation techniques has not been known
  • Various defects of the cold storage
  • Prior to consumption losses for perishable foods
  • Various region’s differently production volume
  • Transporting problem from produced to non-productive region

Understanding of the this problems can reduce also overcome between cooling system manufacturer and consumer. Respect to the this kind of problems should be handled via various preservation methods on this way consumer gets a chance for fresh nutritions also nutrients keep their quality and sustenances as that problems exist artificial economy the price is increasing if we respect and try to prevent that’s defect will be removed in addition to we take control of this faulty we raise our export percent.