International Orders – Non-EU

All orders outside of the EU (European Union) qualify for TAX FREE status; this means that, the final cost of your goods will have the applicable Greek V.A.T. Tax (currently 24%) deducted. Please note this does not apply to shipping costs. The final Tax Free value will show in Your Shopping Cart once you selected your Country at the billing details form at the checkout page.

European Orders – VAT Registered Customers

VAT 24% can be deducted from all prices with your VAT company number.

Due to changes in European law from January 1st 1993, Value Added Tax (V.A.T.) can now be deducted from sales made to customers who are V.A.T. registered in their own countries.

All prices quoted throughout this site are V.A.T. included.

If you are VAT registered please digit your V.A.T. number in the appropriate field in the billing details form at checkout page.

The final V.A.T. Free value will show in Your Shopping Cart.

How calculate the price without V.A.T.?

The Subtotal amount (the amount without shipping cost) will be divided by 1.24 (the Greek 24 % of V.A.T. ).

For example: If the subtotal price of goods included VAT is 123.00 Euro

The price without V.A.T. will be 124.00 / 1.24 = 100.00 Euro

In fact 100.00 + 24%= 124.00 Euro

Please note that: 124.00 – 24% = 94.24 Euro is not true, because 94.24 + 23% = 116.85 Euro and not 124.00 Euro

European Orders – Non VAT Registered Customers

Unfortunately if you belong to this category you must pay the Greek VAT (24%).