Non-slip Floor plywood for cold rooms. On the upper side of the slip flooring plywood, glued a sheet soaked in phenolic resins, which are painted with acrylic paint color dark brown as shown in the photo.
The weight of this latest layer of plywood is 500 gr / m2. Anti-slip plywood covering the European directive EN 636-3 and is suitable even for outdoor use due to impregnation with special phenolic resins and acrylic paint caused.

  • It has a certificate for -25 ºC.
  • Direct and quick implementation within a short time
  • Slip resistance better than any other flooring
  • Huge resistance of 2 tons / m2 allows entry forklift inside the cold room.
  • Low cost in comparison with the coating tiles or industrial flooring construction
  • Allows mopping because of special waterproofing coating of phenolic resins.